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Lies, damn lies, and Planned Parenthood Statistics
Read an article where the statistics underlying recent Planned Parenthood research arm (Guttmacher Institute) claims are uncovered as the nonsense they are. This was conducted by folks at Texas A&M. Here is the summary:

The Guttmacher "researchers" built their bias into the statistics (inflating numbers, making odd assumptions, imputing convenient values), and then, guess what.... They confirm their bias and called it truth!!!

WOW! Now that is research that only a politician or an organization with an agenda would use. This is how you lie now days, build a circular argument but hide it under the guise of science. Because secular society has adopted scientificism (what I define as the irrational belief in anything that even sounds scientific), people like this get away with it.

Here is where you get the article: Guttmacher Stats.



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